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Opportunities for Collaboration

18-12-2013 19:37
Are you interest in working with PAIF. We are always open to suggestions and new ideas as well. We are looking for interpreters and translators (Portuguese-English and Portuguese-French) with excellent  knowledge and professional experience.

Final Copa Libertadores 2013-2º Mão

31-07-2013 21:53
Estatistica Atlético Mineiro Vs Olimpia.xlsx (18951) Final da Taça dos Libertadores 2º Mão.pdf (758047)  

Some statistical data

20-07-2013 18:57
Estatistica Olimpia Vs Atlético Mineiro.xlsx (18563) Final da Taça dos Libertadores 1º Mão.pdf (521 kB)

You´re fired !!!

29-04-2013 22:11
  Database creation in football is mostly used for analyzing players’ performance; like I said before, players are not the only ones involved in the game; one of the most important factors for good performance of clubs are (of course) their manager. Recently we have seen decisions made rashly...

Why performance analysis is so important ?

09-04-2013 11:46
      Diagnosis has become increasingly important in high performance football. The  information from the athlete’s behaviour analysis in natural contexts (training and  competition) is considered one of the variables that most affect the...

Ola John (Sport Lisboa Benfica)

11-02-2013 22:32
Name Ola John Date of birth 19/05/92 Age 20 Height 1,80 Nationality Netherlands  Position Striker-Lef...

Data Mining Project on Performance Analysis (Soccer)

27-01-2013 11:05
ABSTRACT /MOTIVATION   English Premier League (U.K) started in its present format in 1992 and over the last 20 years it has grown into a billion dollar business ( Over the last three years it has become increasingly apparent that the...

Pizzi (Deportivo de La Coruña)

15-01-2013 17:37
  Luís Miguel Afonso Fernandes “PIZZI” (born 6 October 1989 in Bragança), started his career at local club G.D. Bragança, appearing in four third division games whilst still a junior (U-16). He completed his formation in Minho, signing for S.C....

Tomás Podstawski (F.C.Porto)

13-01-2013 11:57
Tomás Podstawski was born in the middle of sport. The father, Polish, was a basketball and Handball player and later graduated in Physical Education. The mother, Portuguese,became an international gymnast. Born into a sport-educated family, Podstawski practiced skating and gymnastics during his...

Ball Possession Barcelona Analysis

08-01-2013 15:06
  Video about Futebol Clube Barcelona "DNA"       
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