Why performance analysis is so important ?

09-04-2013 11:46


    Diagnosis has become increasingly important in high performance football. The 
information from the athlete’s behaviour analysis in natural contexts (training and 
competition) is considered one of the variables that most affect the  learning 
effectiveness of  action sports.  The collecting process, collection, processing and data 
analysis, obtained from games observation, is a key process to performance 
optimization of player and teams.
But what is the purpose of Performance Analysis?
    First  I think Performance Analysis  should  be  seen in two perspectives: “Our 
Team” and “Opposition Team”  and in these two perspectives  other  two  variants: 
individual  and  team analysis.  Performance Analysis aims learns more about our team 
and its players but also the opposing team and its players;  allows us to properly identify 
the strengths,  weaker,  player´s and team  characteristics  (psychological;  physiological
game task)  but also  them  potential  and  possible evolution.  All this information 
contributes to better decision making by the coach and players; we can fit better training 
program to increase  evolution of player/team  and correct some specific mistakes.
Knowing your opponent lets you adjust  game strategy  and beware of the strengths that 
the adversary has.  All this factor contribute  affect  strongly  the  learning effectiveness of 
action sports and optimization of player and teams.
    In a world as competitive as the  high performance sport; performance  Analysis
has emerged as a fundamental tool enables  profitability and  growth of the capital 
invested in the club;  opening  player  market transactions between clubs are a constant;
player transfer  for higher values and with high salary.  The investment made by clubs 
can´t be done randomly but carefully analyzed,   so performance  analysis  take a real 
importance since determines whether it is worth or not invest in a certain type of player. 
The investment made in player must have a return or even a grow to club, good training 
section, leave a good  performance on the pitch, for that  Performance analysis is 
essential like we see before. So I think Performance Analysis is a crucial tool for proper 
functioning  and increase performance  of training  section, competition  and  the  policy 
player contracting.