Opposition influence in decision making and accuracy in football kick

15-11-2012 18:29


        Abstract. The purpose of this  study  was examine the behavior of the attacker in kick situation with opposition; analyzing the accuracy and decision making due to opponent presence. This study involved 15 male football players, U-17 national category level (M=16.4 and SD=0.63). It was evaluated a situation requesting the behaviour adjacent to a shot whit opposition, quantify the speed, time action, kick accuracy and decision-making of five samples, which would have the task of shooting a target placed at 16.5 meters, which a limit of 10 meters to make the action and opposition of 10 different opponent. The relation between variables was analyzed using the bivariate correlation coefficient of Pearson (p ≤ 0.05) and correlation coefficient of Spearman, whit SPSS statistical program. The result show evidence of significant negative correlation between time action of the defence and the attacker speed (r= 0.191, p<0.05), as well significant positive correlations between the opponent time displacement and decision making of attacker (ρ=0.163, ρ <0.05). We conclude the kick with opposition decrease the accuracy, increase the distance between the target, distance of kick shot is made and influence the decision-making. Based on this observation the training of the shot with opposition maybe a key aspect for the performance optimization. 




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