Tomás Podstawski (F.C.Porto)

13-01-2013 11:57

Tomás Podstawski was born in the middle of sport. The father, Polish, was a basketball and Handball player and later graduated in Physical Education. The mother, Portuguese,became an international gymnast. Born into a sport-educated family, Podstawski practiced skating and gymnastics during his early years, activities that granted him astronger body than normal for his age. Tomás Podstawski currently plays for FC Porto (U-19); he’s a central defender who also playsas a defensive midfielder,demonstrating a strong maturity; standing out for having a good decision making process; being a first organizer, a leader who understands the moments of game.It should be noted that Tomás is an international U-16 and U-17 player. He began representing his national team two years ago, in a tournament in the Algarve.