Training the future (Part II)

22-11-2012 16:22


Training the Pass - Basic concepts



Exercise Dynamic

Exercise begins with a pass from first attacker, towards second attacker, while defender which is several feet behind the first striker, how starts its movement in order to regain ball possession. Then second striker returns the ball to the first attacker to scores; if the defense recovers the ball should finalize in mini goal. After conclusion of the first step of exercise, one of the attacker will assume the position of goalkeeper and one should perform a self pass, followed by skipping, returning to its initial position.

Exercise Goals:

Zone 1 - In this sector seek to develop strength management and motor coordination. The child must perform a self-pass, which will make the management of force variable, coordinate its body to achieve and win sensitivity; if we call attention those factors and left other concerns (disturbing objectives), usual in such ages, as "who does exercise fastest" "who scores more goals" and seek to target focus proposed by coach (pass correctly), if they prove satisfactory fitness levels, may change the size skipping exercise, which will lead to a change in the distance from the self-pass, and therefore a request for an adjustment of the force applied on the ball because new conditions.

Zone 2 - Zone 2 - In this sector with constant GK changes, we looking beyond talents detection to this position (not very appreciate and avoid by kids, leading to never experience this position), an opportunity to have the goalkeeper perception and what he feeling when trying to stop a shot and the same goes for GK have the perspective of who makes the shot, leading to better game compression by both players.

Zone 3 - In this exercise zone, we try to draw attention to “where the ball should be placed at pass action, first without progression, after in progression. We may change the size of pass, like we do previously in zone 1, to developed force management. Subjectively we also are training the group dynamic, as we are aware the player for different speeds to apply the pass, meeting every teammate, substantially improving group dynamics.

Zone 4 - In this sector we tried not focus on any specific variable, but intuitively develop the capacity of players change they behavior in transitions (Attack-Defense) and (Defense-Attack), not focused this concept because they are considered too complex for these ages, as well as limit time available for execution of tasks in Zone 3.

Physiological Aspects- Intensity of this exercise is very high, we will have about 25 meters between the point where exercise start and finish, which makes a total of 50 meters on each output, if we execute the exercise in 15 minutes, we will have about 15 repetitions per individual (assuming a squad with 15/20 players), resulting 750 meters in 15 minutes, not including the random motions, as in the case of ball retrieval among others. The recovery time will vary between 20 and 40 seconds.