Training the future (Part IV)

11-12-2012 16:59


When we are structuring a workout plan, many times we have some difficulty choosing a training exercise or we have difficulty to see variables that our training approaches. The previous exercise that we propose (Training the future Part II) would have the dominant variable learning of strength management according to space and speed of colleague. However we train other variables in a secondary plane, this secondary plane will bring all the wealth to the exercise that in this way won’t be only to avoid defragment football in parts. As such we present a graph for better visualization of training exercise dynamics.





In this graph, will be represented on the horizontal axis the number of variables of every coach must consider on training of football for exemple: strength, speed, space management etc.. The vertical axis is represented the density with which these variables are trained. Density won’t be only the number of repetitions that footballer execute but also the intensity with which they made, as the complexity of the task, exemplifying, in an exercise that we ask a player to run around the field, the intensity of game variables are practically nil, if we up the speed of run, physiological intensity level increases, however concerns variables of game continue be nil. Resulting in the following graph:















We conclude that the exercise presented previously will be much more rewarding than run around field. In short, we tried to relate a vision more structured and logical of young elite footballer formation where each exercise has an objective according to club training condition and mainly players available where variables are adequately target, so that there no deviations from the original purpose. In this article proposed (divide in 4 parts from original article) we don’t pretend to show the type of exercise but how this is implemented so that the reader can structure their own exercises in accordance with the reality which it is inserted.